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You might have noticed that some financial blogs love to talk about website hosting for blogs. And honestly, it makes sense as the proper hosting can make or break a website experience.

While I do recommend Bluehost for blogging and to get a fast start with WordPress. Today I want to talk about Pressable and WP Engine for small businesses and scaling.

I’m all about finding the right tool for the right job.¬†By being as efficient as possible,¬†we are able to focus our time doing what we love. As someone who used to be in the agency realm for years,¬†finding the right hosting for your small business that doesn’t break the bank is tough.

Now, over the years whenever I have helped out numerous companies pick a hosting provider, my #1 choice was strictly WP Engine. I came to realize that most of these businesses had a lot of money available and were fairly sizable.

But what about small businesses looking for max value?

Speaking for myself, I love WP Engine but I wanted to do some due diligence as I have a few business websites that I host so finding the right host is critical.

Why Managed WordPress Hosting?

For those who aren’t familiar with managed WordPress hosting, here are some of the reason I recommend it for businesses.

  1. Running a WordPress site is no longer a “set it and forget it” game. From marketing, design, social media, SEO. But the key factor that most businesses forget about¬†is speed.
  2. If someone is browsing your site and your services that business has to offer, the last thing you want is for them to wait 5-10 seconds to load each page.
  3. Most web hosting companies offer very affordable options that are a great fit for bloggers or those starting out ($3-$8/month). But they use a shared server so speeds can vary on business pages that tend be heavy on graphics.
  4. Managed WordPress Hosting companies already have a framework set up in which they handle more of the day-to-day stuff that allows you to be more hands-off. From site backups to caching, they are able to handle the load.
  5. In some cases, paying a bit extra for a managed WordPress host¬†can save costs as you might not need to hire a ‘webmaster’ to be on standby every month.

WP Engine vs. Pressable – Who’s Better For Managed¬†WordPress Hosting?

I’ll spare you the details if you don’t want to keep reading, but I strongly prefer Pressable over WP Engine in a majority of cases. This isn’t a joke. Pressable is better than WP Engine for small businesses.

Mark my words, Pressable will become a major player in the managed WordPress¬†hosting space. Let’s dive into this deathmatch.

History Of Pressable Vs. WP Engine

Pressable has been around since 2010 and is based out of Texas. I’m honestly surprised that after 8 years it’s only been until recently where they are starting to get noticed. It might be that they have spent the time to improve their product. I guess the name change from “ZippyKid” in 2013 might have something to do with that.

WP Engine has been around since 2010 and grown to be a BEAST in the realm of managed WordPress Hosting World. They seemed to have pioneered the visibility of managed visibility hosting. Just in the past year alone, they have been bringing in over $100 million in recurring annual revenue.

IMO, it seems that WP Engine has been very savvy with their branding, marketing, and raising funds to scale much faster compared to Pressable.¬†Despite their strong history, let’s talk about the products themselves.

Pressable Vs. WP Engine – Website Speed

As someone that has used Pressable – I’ve been very impressed with their website speed. My average load time from HostGator (Protip: Don’t use them) was 5-14 seconds per page. When I made the switch to¬†Pressable¬†my speed lowered to less than 2 seconds on the same pages. Even less than 1 second on smaller sized pages.¬†

Managed WordPress Hosting Award Winner

Managed WordPress Hosting Award Winner

Not only will that improve the user experience, but it’s a major SEO benefit to have a fast business website.

For WP Engine (which I’ve also used) – They boast a lot regarding how they have dedicated WordPress teams to continually optimize the WordPress experience for the fastest speeds. It shows, all of my old clients that use WP Engine rave about the dramatic increase in speed and how it’s improved their site experience.

When it comes to speed for your business –¬†Winner: Draw

WP Engine vs Pressable РPrice

For most small businesses and entrepreneurs, having one or more sites isn’t that uncommon. So I want to take that into consideration as a majority of us aren’t looking make 100+ sites.

Pressable –¬†They comes in with a very reasonable¬†$25/mo ($20.83/mo if paid annually). Some of the benefits that come with this are:

What about scale? If you have 400K visitors a month you’ll spend $90/month

WP EngineWP Engine has a higher price for entry starting at $35/month ($29.10/mo if paid annually)

SPECIAL: I don’t know how long this promo will last, but you can save 20% when you go to WP Engine by clicking here. This means that the annual plan will be¬†$280 instead of $350/year. Because this is a promo, I won’t take that into consideration in this review.

  • You can only have 1 site at this price tier, any additional site is $20 extra. So for two sites, it’s $55/month compared to $25/month on Pressable.
  • 20K visits/month
  • Free site transfers
  • No Jetpack Premium
  • Free CDN
  • Free SSL
  • Chat Support Available
WP Engine Pricing Comparison Chart

WP Engine Pricing Comparison Chart

As you start scaling, if you have 400K visitors a month you’ll spend¬†$290/month ($200 more than Pressable).

Result: Pressable by a wide margin, especially if you plan to have more than 1 site. I honestly don’t know how long Pressable will keep their pricing, but this is a game changer.

WP Engine vs Pressable РSite Migration

I would say that a good number people that make the switch are looking for a more powerful WordPress hosting solution. This means that a seamless migration/website transfer is a must. The last thing a business wants is a headache when moving a website to a new host.

Pressable РHOLY. BALLS. When you decide to do a site migration, all you need to do is submit your login/FTP information.

Full-Service WordPress Migration

Full-Service WordPress Migration

That’s all. Pressable will take care of the rest. You’ll be assigned a ticket and about 2-6 hours their staff will fully migrate your site to their staging site. When you are ready to push the site out of staging you press, “push site live”. Aside from changing our CNAME,¬†this is a set it and forget it solution.

WP Engine –¬†I will say, I’m impressed with their new plugin to automatically make migration very simple. Before it involved following a set of instructions or using chat which would cause some frustration (I would know, lol).

WP Engine WordPress Migration

While this still requires you to have some basic tech knowledge, the plugin is now fairly painless experience. Well played WP Engine.

Winner –¬†Pressable

WP Engine vs Pressable РCustomer Service

Whenever a site happens to go down, usually having fast customer service with the knowledge and speed to resolve any issue can make or break a relationship.

Pressable –¬†I was thoroughly impressed with how frequent reps and technicians reach out and always seem to be proactive in finding problems/solutions. After I signed up and got my first site up and running, I even got a call from a rep who was more than willing to assist.

That said, if you have a basic plan, expect some lead times in response you do not have a chat support option (although it does show on my dashboard). You can either fill out a ticket or call via phone.

WP Engine –¬†Their support is knowledgeable and they are easily able to resolve more technical problems in real time. 24/7 chat support along with multiple methods of communication¬†is world class. They could easily replace your webmaster in more of the technical aspect of WordPress.

Winner –¬†WP Engine¬†(Pressable is good, but when push comes to shove WP Engine controls this category)

WP Engine vs Pressable РUser Experience

This is more for those who kind of want to get familiar with the hosting backend. Often working your way around the platform can help utilize functionality for your WordPress host.


Pressable Site Experience

Pressable Site Experience

I find Pressable’s experience to be simple. There are no bells and whistles. You pick the website you want to tweak/setup and you have a few options to push it live and change URLs.

When you get started it isn’t as intuitive as I would like, but there are documentation and support to help you out. Pretty straightforward overall.

WP Engine

WP Engine Dashboard

WP Engine Dashboard

WP Engine has a fairly intuitive interface. You are able to view dashboards regarding traffic, bandwidth, storage, etc. From setting up redirects to pushing your site live, all documentation is readily available. For those who want to get more technical, there is a lot more than you are able to do.

The WP Engine dashboard feels more “complete”. You can tell they spent a lot of time creating a user-friendly experience.

Winner: WP Engine (For some of you who like barebones, you can make a case for Pressable being the winner.)

WP Engine vs Pressable РOther Features

These two are great managed WordPress hosting providers. I would say that a majority of you care about the main comparisons but I don’t want to neglect the other benefits which both have.

  • Free Staging Sites¬†‚Äď Great for when you want to to make changes before going live. This doesn’t count as a “website” on either platform.
  • Automatic Backups¬†‚Äď WP Engine does have a “one-click” restore feature that is pretty cool.
  • No need for caching plugins¬†‚Äď Both hosts have teams to focus on top-notch speed.
  • Hacking scans¬†‚ÄĒ WP Engine has their own scanning software while Pressable uses the premium Jetpack plugin to protect your site.
  • Free CDNs
  • Free SSL certificates

Winner: Both

WP Engine vs Pressable – The Overall Winner?

Overall Winner – Pressable’s¬†low price point, hands-off migrations, and flexibility with multiple sites¬†are ideal for those wanting to get into managed WordPress hosting. If you want to have more than one site, Pressable¬†provides the biggest value overall.

The price to feature ratio on Pressable is out of this world. It’s a lot easier to get started on Pressable plus they scale fairly well in regards to pricing.

WP Engine is ideal for those whose priority is:

  • Prestige – WP Engine works with the biggest companies in the world and has a great reputation. That’s something Pressable can’t tout at the moment.
  • Customer support – It’s world-class, bar none. Migrations can be a pain, but for most problems, they can take care of it.
  • Scalability – Because they are the market leader, you will have no problems if your business starts scaling.
  • Single Sites – If you only ever plan to have 1 site, I wouldn’t fault you for going to WP engine.

IMO, 80% of the time picking Pressable is the optimal choice. You get 95% of the value for a fraction of the price. The other 20% of the time WP Engine would be a viable choice.

BONUS: If you do decide to go the WP Engine Route РTake advantage of their 20% off deal on all hosting (This means that the annual plan will be $280 instead of $350).


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