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Looking to grow your blog? As someone who has recently been blogging on his own for about 6 weeks now, I can safely say that it takes a lot of time and effort to grow it. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was giving Pinterest a try as a primary source of traffic and that I wanted to work on other avenues of traffic.

I’m starting to see a decent amount of traffic in July compared to the month of June. While I can attribute some that to Pinterest, I’ve discovered the power of Facebook groups as a way to promote and grow your blog!

I firmly believe that Pinterest will pay dividends long-term, but joining groups/sending invites/creating pins can take a lot of time. You might not be able to join Pinterest groups if you are too new or have few followers/pins. Nearly most Facebook Groups welcome anyone and everyone as long as you are a blogger!  With a low barrier entrance, I want to help both new and veteran bloggers out.

Here are my top 11 Facebook groups to grow your blog!

1. Blogging Newbs

Blogging Newbs Cover

This is one of the first blogs I’ve joined. What I like about this blog is that they have a day by day system where you can share your post or collaborate with people. This helps you get connected with a lot of people who are also starting out to blog.

If you choose, they also have additional blogging resources. They offer a lot of help as well if you are a new blogger. If you have a question, feel free to ask it in the discussion section. Once a day they offer a shared post where you can take action.

For example, Wednesdays are “collaboration days” so other bloggers can get together and discuss opportunities for guest posting, or get to know one another. I particularly like these as I am trying to get my blog out there.

2. Blogging For New Bloggers

Blogging For New Bloggers Cover

This was the very first Facebook Group I joined. Just like the name suggests, this is catered to new bloggers and they are very welcoming to anybody and everybody. Similar to Blogging Newbs, they have a wide variety of ways you can promote your blog.

Each day they focus on a different subject. What I love about this is that if you are new to blogging, you can participate at your own leisure. I don’t recommend you post links and runoff, try to be helpful as everyone else is trying to succeed at blogging as well

This FB group is another place for you to ask questions and get help from others. We all have to start somewhere, it’s easier to ask for help and save time than to power through things by yourself (at least from my perspective)

3. Pinterest Pals

Pinterest Pals Cover

You might be asking, “if I’m blogging, why are you linking to a Pinterest FB group”. Simple, you can’t just create content and expect people to come. Everyone is creating content, you need to make an active effort if you want to take blogging seriously.

On this group board, you can connect with others and promote your Pinterest pins. Promoting pins and being apart of the community = more traffic to your website. They focus on one thing and one thing only, getting your pins/content promoted.

There is a daily thread where you can suggest your pins to be repinned.

4. Pinning Aint Easy

Pinning Aint Easy Cover

Now despite the “Pinterest-Savvy” bloggers engagement group, they offer a wide variety of topics/promotions.

You have the ability to share re-pins/pins, request users to engage in your blog and view posts, etc. This group is a bit more intensive as you need to reciprocate 100% so if you want to take part, you can’t just post links and run.

Personally, I like that you need to be active in order to get an active audience. Be sure to read the rules carefully, this is an engagement group so if you have a question you need to ask, don’t expect fast answers.

5. Traffic Booster

Traffic Booster FB Cover

What’s interesting about the Traffic Booster  FB is that they focus on getting people to have high-quality engagement on your content.

You can get people to check out a few articles of your blog and take action (clicks, views, comments occasionally). There is a decent amount of activity here.

Similar to “Pinning ain’t easy”, they require 100% reciprocation so don’t welch. It takes time to support other bloggers on top of your own. This is worth trying out if you have extra time or want to have it on your queue of FB groups to try out.

6. Bloggers Unite On Pinterest

Bloggers Unite on Pinterest Cover

I really like this board as they don’t’ force 100% reciprocation, but you need to pull your own weight.

They have weekly & daily threads where you can participate in. Normally it’s something in the form of “post a pin and repin X amount”. Often there are 20-50+ comments so you can repin in the appropriate boards and not try to ‘force’ repins for the sake of it.

I love how intuitive and easy it is to join and I don’t feel the pressure compared to other traffic boards. Plus, I’ve been becoming a huge fan of Pinterest and I like pinning.

7. Show Your Blog Love

Show Your blog Love Cover

This group is used often in my FB group rotation. Every day there are 3 different ways you can promote your blog.

What is great about this group is that you can participate in blog comments, sharing the blog or engage on other social media platforms.

It’s great because while you are getting some traffic, you are more likely to find people that relate to your blog and build a following authentically.

8. Blog Generation Traffic Threads

Blog Generation Traffic Cover

This is a pretty underrated group as there is a good amount of activity.

While there is 100% participation/reciprocation, they limit the amount of activity so you aren’t spending countless hours trying to reciprocate. Everything is reasonable and they try to be fair and honest.

Personally, I hope on a thread every few days depending on my time availability and have been happy so far with this group.

9. Instagram Daily Engagement

Instagram Engagement Group Cover

While I love Pinterest, I am diving more into Instagram and am looking for more ways to get a following. What is great about this group is that it is incredibly active and they have multiple threads each day that you can partake in.

The daily threads are 100% reciprocation and while that sounds harsh (over 100+ comments each thread), following-through and engaging is a fairly fast task. I usually take advantage of this every once in a blue moon as it can be intensive (but worth it).

Overall this is a very well run group and admins take it very seriously. So if you are looking for more followers or more engagement on particular posts to help virality, this is a great option. With more people on your Instagram, you are able to get more people to your website and on other pages.

10. GimmieLove

Gimme Love Blog Engagement Cover

This one is becoming a regular in my day-to-day engagement rotation. What I like about this is that this group is active and they offer a nice mix of getting people engaged with your blog. They also offer a variety of ways that allow you to promote your pins/follows/shares every day.

Personally, I feel like they are building an active and honest community that is highly engaged. They have really clear calls-to-action and their directions are easy to digest. While it isn’t 100% reciprocation, you have a lot of flexibility to pick and choose how you want to promote your blog each day.

Remember, don’t just post your link and runoff.

11. The Blog Passion Project

Blog Passion Project Cover

This is a great board as there is a good amount of activity and they offer many different ways to promote your blog.

From blog sharing all the way to sharing social media profiles (pins/likes/etc), they offer a nice blend of topics to engage in. I don’t recommend going gung-ho on every post. Pick and choose one topic each day and test the waters.

Overall, this is a nice group that I’m a fan of.


Finally, after countless hours I have finally completed the full list. Don’t waste dozens of hours trying to find the best Facebook groups to join. The current list I provided are the ones that I have been seeing success on but I’m only scratching the surface on what’s out there.

I have compiled a list of 111 Facebook Groups To Grow Your Blog!  This isn’t some willy-nilly list that will be sent. Here is how I structured it:

  • FB Groups focused on blog traffic generation and general social media
  • FB Groups focused on Pinterest
  • FB Groups focused on Instagram
  • Women-specific Facebook groups for growth
  • Niche-specific FB groups for growth
  • Best resources & learning to help give you the knowledge for long-term growth

It is all bundled up in a nice PDF that you can check out each group at your own leisure. I don’t play around when it comes to blogging :).

PLEASE DO ME A FAVOR and either share/pin/tweet this post. If you end up joining a group board, feel free to mention that you found their Facebook group board from this article.


111 Facebook Groups For Traffic