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Is “Cash In Full” Fools Gold For Car Purchases?

I was speaking with a friend the other day and discussed the idea of “not owing anyone money”. In theory, yes it would be great to owe no one money and have zero debt. As someone with student loans, I would... Read More

Should You Rent-to-Own Furniture and Electronics? (Hint: Probably not)

You might want to reconsider where you make your next high-ticketed purchase if you plan to do rent-to-own. Companies like Aarons & Rent-A-Center promise many benefits to “rent vs buy” furniture, appliances, electronics, and other home goods. I’m here to... Read More

Why I’m Not A Fan of Most Financial Blogs

I was a late financial bloomer. Right now I’m 32 years old and have grinded my way up to be financially stable after a long road of struggle. I’ll be the first one to say that without all of the... Read More