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-If you are a follower of my blog, you’ll notice that the amount of articles I’ve been writing has severely diminished compared to months past. Unfortunately, with dealing with family issues, contracting, and surgery, I haven’t been able to dedicate time to the blog. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean this blog didn’t make money. As a matter of fact, all of the effort I’ve put in up to this point does appear to be bearing fruit!

This is officially the end of month 4 and that means that this is my fourth official income report. 

Why Am I Sharing My Income Report?

Similar to other bloggers out there, I think keeping income reports that they posted has given me the motivation to take blogging seriously. I also want to keep track of how much time and effort goes into making money, especially for the long haul.

I also want you to follow my journey into the realm of blogging. While I do have a pretty good amount of marketing experience, it’s a lot of different marketing companies with money to use compared to someone who is doing this pretty much from scratch.

I can also look back at the goals and see how I did. I’ve also noticed that my blogging related posts tend to do better compared to my financial posts. I have so much I want to write about but so little time!

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How Are Earnings Reported

I share my income reports based on earnings, not actual payouts. While I do mix in affiliate links every so often, those networks don’t pay out right away. Same goes for advertising. But realistically, nothing is more motivating than seeing money earned from the effort that’s put in.

While I do make money from doing surveys and my own marketing consulting, it wouldn’t be fair to add those earnings because that isn’t money made by “blogging”, if that makes sense.

Overall September Summary

As mentioned in earlier on my post, I haven’t been able to dedicate any time to the blog last month. Outside of all of the things I’ve mentioned, I’ve been going through a lot of personal stuff and spending the time to regain focus and recover from my surgery.

While I did manage to create one article last month, it is nowhere near my goal of ten. That said, let’s talk about what I’ve been doing when I have been able to focus on the blog.

My range of traffic has been diverse this month, Pinterest and Paid search have been leading the way as top drivers. While at the same time I’m seeing an uptick in organic SEO traffic (yay!).

Tailwind & Pinterest (Organic)

In the month of September, 90% of my social traffic came from Pinterest. I continue to follow the practices from the pinteresting strategies  ebook by Carly from Mommy On Purpose. I’m not going to spend time explaining how awesome this book is, but she essentially saved me months of struggle for $32 on her book.

On top of that, I do spend about 2 hours a week scheduling Pinterest pins using Tailwind. Last month I paid $30 after I got my first month free, I find that it’s a lot easier to find content from Tribes and schedule it out. The great is that I can schedule pins days in advance, so all I need to do is sit down plan my pins, super easy.

The other major benefit is the use of Tailwind Tribes. Tailwind tribes are great at finding related people in your niche and then pinning the best content all in one place. I’m probably involved in too many tribes right now, but I can pin to multiple boards much faster compared to doing it manually and other tribe members pin my stuff.

This helps increase the likelihood that your pins end up going viral. Using the Pinteresting strategies book with Tailwind is a pretty strong combination.

Bonus: Get a $15 credit (one month) of Tailwind by clicking here. I recommend you try it yourself and see what works for you.

Pinterest Traffic

I feel like I’ve done a solid job of building a fanbase in Pinterest and have been getting consistent traffic, while it could be better if I spent more time on it, I’m pretty happy with where I’m at right now. I’m getting between 50-200 visits on any given day from Pinterest which is super awesome! As for Pinterest visibility, see below.

September Pinterest

This is a chart of Pinterest viewers in the month of August. You can see I’m getting about 300K viewers each month concurrently. Again, thank you to Pinteresting Strategies have been able to make Pinterest work for me. Even though I’m not writing too much at the moment, keeping up with Pinterest has always been a priority.

…and a shameless plug if you want to follow my Pinterest page.

Continued Paid Testing

With the money I made from August, I continued to reinvest that into testing traffic generation methods outside of organic. I primarily used Pinterest ads to test traffic and email generation.

If you recall last month, I also tested Bing but I wasn’t a fan of the ROI I was receiving so I scaled back on it. I am still getting mix results and again, since I haven’t been dedicating that much time to the blog, I’ll continue to test in my spare time.

Content Strategy

My current content strategy is to focus on writing articles 2000+ words that also provide a ridiculous amount of great value. I’m not trying to add content for the sake of it, so creating awesome content does take time.

I have been aiming for more evergreen content as opposed to some evergreen content mixed with my insights. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking and listening to myself, but I want to focus on max value first.

Not to mention, I would much rather sprinkle in my rants/thoughts/etc on my blog and go heavy with guest posting instead of strictly being “thought-based” on my own blog.

Without further ado, time for the income results!

September 2018 Blogging Income Results

Income – $827.88

  • Adsense: $93.23
  • Affiliates: $730.80
  • Amazon: $3.85

Expenses – $334.58

  • Hosting: $25 (Technically, this is free since I’m using my consultancy website under Pressable that gives up to 5 sites of top-tier managed WordPress hosting).
  • Tailwind: $30
  • Ad Spend: $279.58

NET AMOUNT -> $493.30.  I’ve can’t really attribute all traffic or income to paid ads, but I’m also getting a very good mix of Pinterest and even organic search. But hey, I’m making money on the blog so that’s pretty cool :).

How Many Hours Did I Put Into This Blog?

  • May (Pre-launch): 61.25 hours
  • June (Month 1): 152.75 hours
  • July (Month 2): 200 hours
  • August (Month 3): 100 hours
  • September (Month 4): 15 hours

Combined I’ve spent over 525 hours on this blog and have ‘made’ about $1500. September was my best month but it’s more credited to content that has been on the site for a while instead of creating, but I need to get on the content train again and keep this blog active.

How Much Traffic Did I Get

So, I showed the Pinterest graph which is more relevant to getting visibility on Pinterest, but let’s talk about traffic.

September Traffic

You can see that my pageviews have increased in the month of September. While some of the traffic is from paid ads, I think it could be doubled if I had more time to dedicate to the blog.  I had 5150 page views in September.

September 2018 Goal Outcomes

Let’s see how I did on my goals in September.

  1. Write 10 articlesFAIL – Unfortunately, life happens.
  2. Make $500 from the blogSUCCESS – I did not expect to get over $500, but I’m very happy!
  3. Get 5000 page views – SUCCESS – Barely…but I got it!
  4. Drop 15lbsFAIL- Surgery, travel, and other life shenanigans prevented this from even be remotely close.

October Goals

I’m looking to relocate and focus on my freelance work this month, so I’ll keep my goals to a minimum.

  1. Write 7 articles

Anyways, I hope you continue to follow my journey and become motivated to blog just like me. I hope to get back into the groove and I can dedicate more time, but for the time being, it’s gonna be tough.