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Even though I have only started blogging about finance for a few weeks now. I’ve been in the writing/digital realm for well over a decade. While friends and family¬†come to us for financial advice,¬†I am often compelled to assist in business/productivity/making extra dough.

I decided to create an ongoing list of my favorite products that I use on a day to day basis. Some recommendations are related to blogging, while others will be related to finance, working, etc.

This my personal best of the best list. I am always trying out new ways to make extra dough, so bookmark this page as I’ll update it every so often.

Profitable Web Hosting

New Bloggers -> Bluehost:¬†I 100% recommend this to all aspiring and new bloggers. I use Bluehost for my podcasting platform as well. It’s got a low barrier to entry and super simple to set up.

This is a big difference knowing that as your blog grows, you won’t stress about the $3.99/month service. That’s an A+ in my book, see for yourself!

Small Business Single Site -> WP Engine: If you want speed, security, and great customer service, WP Engine is the market leader in managed WordPress hosting. They help you get the edge in SEO with speed.

Best Value Business Hosting -> Pressable:¬†I think Pressable is perfect for 80% of small businesses.¬†You get nearly the exact same quality of hosting as WP Engine, but for a fraction of the price.¬†You can also host up to 5 sites for $25/month. That’s BIG.

RELATED: I wrote an exhaustive guide on Pressable vs WP Engine that goes over all aspects of managed¬†WP hosting for small businesses.¬†It’s worth checking out.

Beer Money

Swagbucks¬†–¬† Swagbucks¬†helped get me out of my dirty basement debt. They’ve come along way when they first started.¬†But it’s a pretty good way to get money from home quickly. You can net around $300+ per month if you take it seriously.

Survey Junkie – Survey Junkie¬†is pretty much my go-to when it comes to¬†exclusively survey’s¬†that also isn’t a fly-by-night company. You get paid via Paypal with a slick interface. Start earning¬†money today with Survey¬†Junkie.

Amazon MTurk РMTurk is a pretty cool tool if you want to do tasks for the greater good of human beings. From surveys to doing simple functions, you get paid to do it. Sign up and payment are pretty simple.

Save Money

Ebates ALWAYS use Ebates before you do any online purchasing. This is free money you are leaving on the table. Depending on the merchant where you shop from, you can receive up to 40% cash back. 

Personally, using Groupon with Ebates is my go-to and I get about 20% back every time :).  You get a $10 Sign-up Bonus if you follow this link when you spend your first $25 on Ebates. Pretty much the minimum for free shipping on Amazon.

Ibotta – You download the app and when you shop at grocery stores, you can scan the barcode, show the receipt, and get cash back! Mrs. Debt to Dough takes care of that since I’m terrible at keeping my receipts.

You can get paid via PayPal or Venmo. Speaking of payments, if you sign up through my reward link you get a $10 sign-up bonus. 

Fix Your Credit

Credit Secrets – This is the Bible of Credit Repair.¬† Some of the stuff I talk about on my blog is effective and it focuses on using credit to your advantage. This book…holy balls…you want to stick it to the man? This book will change your life.

Just follow the directions and guides it provides. $40 is a mother-effing STEAL.¬†Don’t pay $500, $600, $1,000+ for a “credit relief” specialist.¬† I’ve used this book for my late payments and to remove a falsified lien¬†from my wife. Her score jumped¬†from 650 to over 800 in over a year.

Spend $40 now and you will save tens of thousands of dollars in the future, guaranteed. They also have Facebook community and were featured on Larry King.  This is the most legitimate, concise book on fixing your credit, period. Check it out.

Credit Tracking -> two options I recommend -> Credit Sesame or Credit Karma, no preference of either. But you get to view your credit score for free!

Side Hustles

Be a Lyft / Uber Driver – Mrs. Debt to Dough became a Lyft driver a few years ago to help pay for the wedding. We didn’t want to be in debt from the wedding on top of student loans. You can easily make a few hundred dollars every month. Both Lyft & Uber¬†allow for tips.

Related: Get a car interest free to be a professional Lyft / Uber driver? (I’d have a link, but this article is in the works)

Start A Blog –¬†Got a passion? I’m all about saving you dough and putting it back in your pocket. I have 2-3 books I want to write, but I plan to give you all the deets on starting a blog. Not to mention, feel free to look at my monthly reports on what I’m doing throughout each month to help grow my blog!

Spend Tracking & Budgeting

Mint – I mainly used this as a primary way to get myself situated. I can see my spend, set a budget, and stick to it. Oh, and it’s free!

Google Sheets/Excel – If you want to track spend with good’ole spreadsheets, these are the go-to.

You Need A Budget (YNAB)Unlike all¬†of my recommendations, YNAB is the only one where I haven’t personally used.¬†But, I’ve heard too many good things about YNAB. Mainly that it helps¬†build positive spending habits. Which for me, is a recurring theme in my articles. So one day I’ll do a review. But I would say this is a “level 2” type of software.

Self Project Management

Todoist – A simple list you use, it connects with many plugins.¬†Primarily is used day-to-day specific tasks. It’s free! Check it out.

Trello – Good visual project management tool. If you have assistants or want to visualize different phases of your project, it’s ideal for medium-length projects.¬†This is also free!¬†It’s free! Check it out.

Other Day-To-Day Stuff I Use

Mailbird – I hate Outlook with a passion and going between 8 different Gmail accounts (yes, I have 8, not hyperbole) gets pretty annoying. For Macs, there is “Mail” which is pretty good.¬†But what about windows?.

They have a free plan, but I love it so much I do the yearly ($9/yr). You can also pay $30 for lifetime use, but ever since I used Mailbird my day to day production has skyrocketed. Check them out and get 50% off

Slack – if you want to build a community or have a mastermind (or business), this is the go-to real-time communication tool I keep up at all time. Check them out.