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If you have noticed I’ve been writing quite a bit in the last week. I don’t have any plans to slow down in the foreseeable future.

So Why Am I Measuring Progress On a Site That Isn’t Launched?

If you were to read my post on how I eliminated over $38,000 in student loans in less than 2 years, the key driver in action is to set goals and measure progress. Being able to look back and document progress made over time helps reinspire and keeps me motivated.

My hope is that as I continue to blog you can get full transparency on what I do to save money and measure the site’s growth. As much as I am enjoying writing, I would enjoy it much more if I’m able to help out others in the process.

I’ll Be Measuring The Following

  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Hours Dedicated to The Blog

I might also include other metrics such as dollars per hour but that’s strictly down the road.

May 2018 Goal Results

  1. Create 15 finance articles – SUCCESS – I told myself that I wanted to reach 15 articles by the end of May. Here we are at the end of my and once I hit submit this will be article #15! I honestly am surprised since after I reached the 10 mark I told myself that was “good enough”. While I’m a fan of good enough for a number of reasons, that isn’t the mentality I want to have with this blog.
  2. Go Live – SUCCESS – Even though this wasn’t my “goal” in my other post. I’m pretty damn proud to get the website live!
  3. Make the website look decent SUCCESS – The current theme I’m using is called Newspaper. There was a lot of demo content and I wanted to write enough content to where I can remove it all. Done and done! IMO the site isn’t where I want it to be in my head, but remember when I said “good enough”. Yeah, aesthetics for me qualify for that.
  4. Create social media profiles SUCCESS – I’m on most of the top social media sites (Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Instagram) along with Feedburner. I will say setting up Feedburner was something else. But I finally got that off my checklist.
  5. Create a logo for the website – SUCCESS– I’ll be honest with myself, not a major fan. While it’s better than having no logo, the designer didn’t really live up to my expectations. I’m not saying I could’ve done better, but for $50 it was kind of a letdown. If you happen to catch this article and want to create a new logo, hit me up.
  6. Gather a list of top finance blogs – SUCCESS – While I did get a list of top finance blogs, it’s not as complete as I want it to be. But a task is a task.

May 2018 Financial Results

Income – $0 (I went live like 3 days ago lol)

Expenses – $105

  • Website Hosting – $0 (on a 15-day trial)
  • Website Theme – $62.50
  • Logo & Design – $52.50

Hours Spent On Blog – 62.25 hours

  • Website Tasks (Theme setup/tweaks/changes/research etc): 31
  • Writing: 32.25 Hours

I feel like I’m lowballing the 62 hours. Truth is I bought the domain name on the 20th and started everything on the 21st. So for 10 days, I’ve been averaging 6.2 hours a day on the website. On top of that, most of my articles aren’t shitty. Like, all are a good 5-15 minute read.

How Do I Have So Much Time To Write

This could probably be another post where I quote Gary Vaynerchuck and say “hustle, loyalty, respect”. Wait that’s John Cena. REGARDLESS, I work as a contractor and I have been saving up enough money to have a decent “emergency fund” in case I stop working.

That said, based on my current client workload I spend 40-60 hours a month working and that is just enough to break even. I could spend my additional hours marketing myself as a contractor and getting clients. But that isn’t what I want to do long term.

So I do have extra time and I am spending most of it on this blog. I might have other priorities later in the oncoming months. But for now, this is my baby.

June Goals

I gave myself some aggressive goals for May. I think since I’ll have more than 10 days in June, I can go at a fairly aggressive pace with my goals and not feel overwhelmed.

  1. Pretty Up My Newsletters – Right now I’m using a basic plugin to connect to my newsletter. I want to make it easier for people to subscribe and keep in tough
  2. Write 50 Articles – Now that the website is in good enough shape to be shown, I want to write 50 articles. This still might be a stretch, I do have a lot I want to talk about and I don’t plan to stop writing anytime soon.
  3. Guest Post on 5 Websites – I think this is possible? I don’t really know which sites to focus on yet. But I just can’t keep writing on one platform and hope Google will magically rank me. I need to show up where other people are at.
  4. Get 10 Fans on Social Media – I don’t care if it’s 5 fans on Facebook and 5 fans on Pinterest. But having any sign of progress is progress in my book!
  5. Start Posting on Social Media – Right now I haven’t done much posting, realistically I’ll probably get Buffer or something and automate some of this when I post.
  6. Lost 10 lbs – As of now, I weigh 172 lbs. If I can get to 162 I’d be in decent shape to hit up a pool and not feel bad 🙂
  7. Start Getting Connected with Local Bloggers – Networking is pretty strong. Especially as you show the work you’ve done and taken action. There are a couple meetups in town where I want to chat with others about blogging.
  8. Start a Podcast – If I want to be a full-time content creator, this is where I need to be. Now, this podcast isn’t related to finance, but I have to continue to push myself and follow my passions.
  9. Update My Student Loan Debt Article – I wrote that article and it took me so many hours. But by the time I was done my brain felt like mush. I plan to go back, update links, update content, and just make it much easier to read.

As of right now, I’m counting March as Month 0 blogging. Even though I was writing for the last 10 days. The website hasn’t been live until a couple of days ago. Starting in June, it will be Month 1.

BONUS: I’m not sure if this is a bot, but I got my first follow? So that is pretty effing cool.

I’m not even sure how she ended up following me. But I’ll take it! Thanks 🙂

PS: I think I’ll update my debt progress in the middle of each month. If I did it now it would still be the same as my first post.

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