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Hey everyone! So I took the first step in creating a blog (which was actually writing a post). Right now I’m writing this on a dev version of the website since I haven’t officially “launched”. But I still think it’s good to document goals and attempt to meet them.

There are 8 days remaining in the month of May and I am wanting to ride any wave of momentum that I have. I hope to be looking back at this blog post many years from now to see how far the website has grown.

May 2018 Website Goals

  1. Create 15 finance articles – Excluding this post, I already have written one. But before I push the site live I want to have enough meat on the website so people are compelled to stay on. At worst, have 10 articles and push the website live.
  2. Make the website look decent – I have demo content so I want to write content that fills in the blanks. Plus the footer looks messed up and I have to update categories.
  3. Create social media profiles – I need to start getting my digital footprint ready
  4. Create a logo for the website – I’ll probably use Fiverr or something.
  5. Gather a list of top finance blogs – In case I want to do guest posting and do partnerships

2018 Website Goals

  1. Crack a Top 250 list for the blog I prefer to be ambitious and I think could be feasible by the end of the year.
  2. Get above 10,000 visits in a month – Obviously, it’s 0 right now and this could be a stretch.
  3. Make a bit of extra money – I don’t actually have an amount in my head. But a bigger goal of mine is to create content for a living (maybe create videos, go stream, or go speaking).
  4. Lower my student loan debt to $15,000 – not exactly “website related” but if I were to get some money.
  5. Write an e-book – I would hope that I can write enough content to where I can bundle it into an e-book for on the go for people.

I hope in time I’ll be able to inspire and help out people who really need it. As I continue to write and work on the website, I’ll keep track of the time/effort in doing so. Probably in monthly reports, but I don’t know. I will try to be as transparent in regards to the website as I can be.

So time/traffic/income/costs/etc. all of that will be included. I know some of you might have no money and a lot of time on your hands, maybe I can help bring light to adding value for you down this path.


May 2018 Blog Journey Graphic