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My goal is to find the holy grail of¬†making money in your underwear. I’m not talking about “eat out nice once a month” money.¬†I’m talking about raking in 4-figures/month¬†money. You heard me, this is my guide to bring in¬†$1,000/month doing online surveys.

$1,000/month you are full of crap”–you might be thinking.¬†Nope, it’s very possible.

The Key To $1000 Per Month

You need¬†the right game plan.¬†I don’t want to spam 100 different survey companies because just randomly completing survey after survey is a waste of time & money.¬†I want you to give you the best bang for your buck. $1000/month means you need to make about $30+/day, that’s pretty realistic.

If you could choose to make $1 per hour or $10 per hour doing the same thing, which would you choose? If you would rather make more money, then this will be your go-to guide for years to come.

NOTE: THIS IS VERSION 1 — I will keep this post updated to find the best survey companies that give you the most money. So be sure to bookmark! Other posts such as¬†this, this, this, and this¬†can be helpful, but they miss the mark IMO.

Who is this ideal for?

While you shouldn’t strictly rely on taking surveys for your survival, this game plan is perfect for:

  • Stay-at-home moms (let’s not forget stay-at-home dads).
  • College students looking for beer or tuition money.
  • Millennials and young adults that want to make money on their phone/laptop while watching Netflix.
  • Anyone that has free time and doesn’t mind speaking their mind for money.
  • Those who will do whatever it takes to NOT get a job or want to support a passion (Youtube, content, gaming, Twitch)

Step #1: Stick With The Best Survey Companies

Here are my top five survey sites with the best bang for your buck that should be able to help you make over $1,000 each month.

  1. Swagbucks -> A MUST!
  2. Survey Junkie -> A MUST!
  3. Vindale Research -> Great Complement
  4. InboxDollars -> BONUS

The top 4 are my personal favorites. InboxDollars can be worth it, but it’s close (you get paid, but it’s been known to be hit or miss at times).

I’ll keep this list updated as more lucrative survey sites arise.

On the flipside, I would think twice about joining any other survey sites as most of them are terrible.

Step #2: Follow My Strategy

Before you think, “aww yeah, easy money” I want to be clear,¬†you will need to take a lot of surveys and it will take some time. You will likely need to put in a¬†couple hours a day doing surveys.

The good news is that¬†you don’t have to go out of your way as these surveys can be done while watching TV via your smartphone or laptop.

Still, $1,000 extra per month for not doing too much is sweet, in my opinion.

I’m all about¬†the best bang for your buck,¬†which means if you follow my plan of¬†getting the shortest surveys¬†with¬†the¬†highest payout, then you’ll be¬†maximizing revenue.

That’s why I am¬†only providing the best four survey companies that¬†give you the most money.¬†Swagbucks & Survey Junkie are the gold standard, followed by MyPoints & Vindale Research.

1) Swagbucks Survey Strategy

Swagbucks has¬†a lot to offer with sponsored videos, shopping, and playing games. But if you want to roll in the dough,¬†it’s all about surveys.

Bonus:¬†You’ll get a¬†$5 sign up-reward if you sign up through my $5 bonus link.

Step 1: Start by Signing Up –¬†It doesn’t take long at all to sign up. You can even sign up using Facebook if you desire (email is an option as well).¬†Make sure you confirm your email to get paid!

Step 2: Log in you’re account and go to “Answer” on the left menu.

Swag-bucks Surveys For Money

Select “Answer”

Step 3:¬†Sort surveys by ‘SB Amount’. It will show the most SB points on top

Make Money Swagbucks

BONUS:¬†If you go below the “Featured” section, you’ll find a plethora of high SB surveys.

Right below “featured”. Don’t skip!

Step 4: Focus On Surveys With “GOLDEN¬†RATIO” greater than 12

Using the top featured survey the GOLDEN RATIO (GR) would be¬†7.5 (550 / 73). Since it’s¬†less than 12,¬†we’ll skip it.

The second survey has a GOLDEN RATIO of 40 (400 / 10). We should jump on this survey ASAP.

GR Rule of Thumb: Always take the survey over 12.  Then focus on surveys between 9-12 after you complete all other surveys.

Step 5: Go for a minimum 6 surveys each day Рsurveys do take some time. But with patience, you will start making some real dough.

2) Survey Junkie Strategy

Not to overhype Survey Junkie, but they are also known as the premier online survey site. From its sleek looks and intuitive interface, they make taking surveys fun!
It’s great to make cash while having fun. They have been known to pay $20-$60+ per survey (not all the time, but it’s some nice cash).

Step 1:¬†Sign up for Survey Junkie¬†– It’s fast. It’s easy. And you can get started/paid once you confirm your email.

Step 2: Fill Out Your Basic Info РThis helps you get the most custom surveys right away.

Step 3: Browse All Available Surveys  РThis helps you get the most custom surveys right away.

Browse Surveys

Step 4: Focus On Surveys With “GOLDEN¬†RATIO” greater than 4 – Interestingly enough, I’ve noticed that you will fill out more surveys that are shorter.¬†Over time the more surveys you complete, the better quality $$ surveys will appear.

Avoid the survey if the golden ratio is less than 3.

Step 5:¬†Try to get at least 7 surveys done per day – Since you will be more likely to fill out survey’s that are shorter, try to¬†aim for 7 at a minimum each day. If you do have extra time on your hands, then go nuts and do all surveys.

3) Vindale Research Strategy

Vindale doesn’t get talked about as much and I’m not really sure why. I will admit that the site is pretty vanilla, especially compared to Survey Junkie.

That said, I tend to get more interesting surveys that engage me compared to the other sites. Unlike Swagbucks or Survey Junkie, Vindale doesn’t use a point system and strictly uses a dollar amount for surveys.

Step 1: Start by Signing Up –¬†It doesn’t take long at all to sign up. Click here for a $2 bonus by signing up.¬†Remember,¬†confirm your email to get paid, it takes two seconds.

Step 2: Fill Out Your Basic Info РThis helps you get the most custom surveys right away and to cash in your $2.

Step 3: Browse All Available Surveys  РThis helps you get the most custom surveys right away.

Step 4: Focus On Surveys With “GOLDEN¬†RATIO” greater than 12¬†– There are a¬†wide variety of surveys, but for the¬†most value, stick with a 12+ golden ratio.

Rule of Thumb: Always take the survey over 12.  Then focus on surveys between 9-12 after you complete all other surveys.

Step 5: Go for a minimum 5 surveys each day Рthe grind is real but pretty worth it.

4) InboxDollars

I personally have not had a bad experience with them. But this is the one major survey site that gets both strong and negative reviews across the web. I like them and if you want to take advantage of their $5 signup bonus click here.

Step #3: Maximize Your Time -> Set Up Filters

The biggest reason why most people give up on surveys is that they think they need to log onto 20 different survey sites every day and manually check to see if there are any new surveys to take part in. As someone that has multiple emails & accounts that I check daily, it does become cumbersome to pay attention to all accounts.

What I recommend is to set up filters to minimize your daily browsing time and to view all of your new surveys all in one place.

The easier way to set up filters is through Outlook or Gmail. Since I use Gmail, I’ll provide instruction for that. If you have Outlook, the setup will look similar to this.

Part 1: Make Sure You Have Email Notifications Enabled From Your Survey Sites – Once you create/confirm your account, got to the “settings” option of each survey site and enable email notifications on all new surveys.

Part 2:¬†Open Up The Latest Email From Your Survey Site – In the example below, I received an email from Vindale. Open it up the email and press the options button. Then¬†select “Filter Messages like this”.¬†It will look exactly like the screenshot below (nice, $8 to do this survey, nice)

Easy Survey Notifications

Select “Filter Messages Like This”


Part 3:¬†Press “Create Filter” – You will receive a prompt to either search or create a filter from the email address that sent you the survey email. Simply press “create filter”.


Easy Survey FilterPart 4:¬†Create A Label & Send Emails Straight To Your New Folder¬† – COPY THE SCREENSHOT BELOW. Make sure you properly check the correct boxes and when it comes to “Apply the label”, you can create a new label and call it “Surveys”. Once you do that, press “Create Filter”.


Easy Survey Filter FInal

Copy This Setup



Part 5:¬†Recieve New Emails Directly To Your Survey Folder¬†– At this point, whenever you log into Gmail, you can go straight to the “Survey” folder and you’ll be able to see all new emails from survey companies that will provide you the latest surveys for you to fill out and get $$.

End Result Survey Filters

There you have it! You can still use the golden ratio if the emails provide you the estimated time and points available. But if you have extra time, feel free to do all surveys.


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