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Wowza, I can’t believe that June went by in the blink of an eye. Time does fly by when you write dozens of articles in a month! But since it’s the first of the month, this will be my first official income report. While I did have a “may” results, that was pre-launch. Let’s dive into the June 2018 Report.

Why Am I Sharing My Income Report?

Similar to other bloggers out there, I think keeping income reports that they posted has given me the motivation to take blogging seriously. I also want to keep track of how much time and effort goes into making money, especially for the long haul.

I also want you to follow my journey into the realm of blogging. While I do have a pretty good amount of marketing experience, it’s a lot of different marketing companies with money to use compared to someone who is doing this pretty much from scratch.

I can also look back at the goals and see how I did. I’ve also noticed that my blogging related posts tend to do better compared to my financial posts. I have so much I want to write about but so little time!

Check out My Previous Income / Blogging Reports:

How Are Earnings Reported

I share my income reports based on earnings, not actual payouts. While I do mix in affiliate links every so often, those networks don’t pay out right away. Same goes for advertising. But realistically, nothing is more motivating than seeing money earned from the effort that’s put in.

While I do make money from doing surveys and my own marketing consulting, it wouldn’t be fair to add those earnings because that isn’t money made by “blogging”, if that makes sense.

Overall June Summary

I wish I could say that I spend all my time working on the blog. The truth of the matter is that I had some burnout during the last week. As mentioned in my 10 lessons learned article, blogging is more than just writing.

I’ve already made several pivots in my marketing strategy already (see goals). Getting a blog started pretty damn easy, and the more I get involved with other bloggers from Facebook groups and Pinterest the more I realize that this journey is going to be a long one.

My dream to be a full-time content creator, after one month I just feel that I need to get more balance in my life and that I should do that more often to prevent burnout.

So what were some of the changes I made?

The Focus on Pinterest

At this point, I would say half of the people that show up on Debt to Dough come from Pinterest. My original plan was to be very aggressive with guest posting to start building links to my site and with some luck, I would be able to get lots of traction from Google long-term. Not to mention referral traffic from guest posting.

Then I noticed that a lot of the top financial blogs that I read all had nice looking pins and did more research on how they were making the most progress on their blog. Little did I know how awesome Pinterest could be in generating traffic.

I ended up digging around and found a pretty sweet ebook called pinteresting strategies (the name itself is worth it, jkjk). But this is from a blogger of Mommy On Purpose (Carly). She primarily uses Pinterest to talk about her niche, but she goes over the process of doing Pinterest manually.

She uses Pinterest to support her blog and she makes some good money doing so. Before I got this book I had no clue about Pinterest at all, I spend a lot of time learning about Pinterest, understanding Pinterest SEO.

As someone who focused on Google SEO, Carly brings a very practical sense of using Pinterest the right way.

I don’t want to say that this book has changed my life, but in providing real direction and getting in the right mindset are paramount to success. I fully approve of this book.

Pinterest Traffic

Oh, did I mention I started Pinterest in the first week of June with 0 followers, no knowledge of the platform, and no clue what I was doing. I’ve primarily focused on pinning a lot of other peoples pins and to create relevant boards. You can see over time, I’m starting to get momentum.

No Pinterest Skills TO Pinterest Traffic For Blogging

Hmmm, not too shabby so far.

You can see that it’s been about the last 2 weeks when I started to provide more of my pins and getting involved with group boards that I began seeing some good momentum. Even though it says I have “732 monthly viewers”, it’s been averaging the first half of the month where I had 0 viewers.

Of course, there is where I plug my own Pinterest page if you are interested in checking it out.

Facebook Groups

I’ve also made it a mission to join as many facebook groups as possible as they are related to blogging. I think I’m apart of about a good dozen at the moment, some groups focus on questions related to blogging while others encourage each other to share content and comment.

I have been finding Facebook groups pretty nifty as a way to connect with other bloggers.

I’m pretty sure there are certain ‘blogging circles’ that require a hefty amount of money to get in, but I’m going to keep grinding content/marketing out.

Facebook groups have been pretty awesome so far, I’m learning a lot from other bloggers as well.

I might get around to posting all different types of groups that are out there, but I’m trying to keep my finance articles related to this blog, all blogging related articles will be sprinkled in maybe 1x a week.

June 2018 Income Results

Income – $9.64

  • Adsense: $9.64
  • Affiliates: $0.00

Expenses – $57

  • Hosting: $25 (Technically, this is free since I’m using my consultancy website under Pressable that gives up to 5 sites of top-tier managed WordPress hosting).
  • Pinteresting Strategies: $32
  • Tailwind: $0

NET AMOUNT -> -$47.36

This number could have been higher, but I think paying for the cost of improved speed and educating myself will save me months and hundreds of hours of failing so I think it’s a pretty good investment.

How Many Hours Did I Put Into This Blog?

  • May (Pre-launch): 61.25 hours
  • June (Month 1): 152.75 hours

Combined I’ve spent over 210 hours on this blog and have ‘made’ $9.64. I think that’s almost 5 cents per hour.

So…has be been worth it?

HELL YES! Outside of my distaste for the current site design and logo, I’ve been writing a lot and finding my muse. Sure, I spent some money from my survey strategy to get started up front, but I’m following a passion.

Yes, while I have been burned out for the last week, I can also focus on other tasks that are related so there is always something to do.

Will I end up making a million dollars doing this? Who knows? I don’t want to say no because that’s only going to limit my blog. Shoot for the stars baby!

How Much Traffic Did I Get

So, I showed the Pinterest graph which is more relevant to getting visibility on Pinterest, but let’s talk about traffic.

Month 1 Blog Traffic

June 2018 Blog Traffic

As you can see, early on I wasn’t getting too much traffic. But I still had 300 page views in the month of June with nearly 200 sessions.

It also looks like each week I’m getting more and more people on the site. Although it’s a mix of Pinterest/Facebook traffic, I am starting to get some traction on Google & Bing. I’m hoping next month will bring in more traffic!

June 2018 Goal Outcomes

Let’s see how I did on my goals in June.

  1. Pretty Up My NewslettersFAIL – Not only did I have no subscribers, I don’t really want to use MailChimp. I’m probably going to lean on ConvertKit later on.
  2. Write 50 Articles – FAIL – I know it was aggressive, but 30 isn’t too bad.
  3. Guest Post on 5 Websites – FAIL – as mentioned earlier, I changed my focus to be around Pinterest.
  4. Get 10 Fans on Social MediaMASSIVE SUCCESS – I got 188 followers on Pinterest, and 12 on Facebook. So 200 total! 🙂
  5. Start Posting on Social MediaSUCCESS – Aside from using Buffer for non-Pinterest stuff, I’ve been pretty active on Pinterest.
  6. Lost 10 lbs – FAIL – I’ve gained 4lbs. Whoops.
  7. Start Getting Connected with Local BloggersFAIL – I missed the Las Vegas Bloggers meetup last month, but I plan to make it this month.
  8. Start a PodcastFAIL – I’ve been able to flush out some ideas, but I’ve been so busy with the blog I haven’t done much else.
  9. Update My Student Loan Debt Article – SUCCESS – It’s past version 1.0, but I plan to keep updating this over time.

July Goals

Honestly, July I won’t have as much time compared to June. So I’m gonna try to be more realistic.

  1. Write 20 articles – I do write a lot, but I want to get super in-depth with the length of articles so they will take more time to write.
  2. Update My Logo – I hate my logo, I really do. I think I found a guy that can do a better job at it.
  3. Get a new theme – I wish I could say that the theme I use (Newsletter) was great, but I don’t like how narrow the columns are and I didn’t think it would like so ‘meh’ after I created the content.
  4. Make $50 from the blog – It sure would be nice to not be in the read.
  5. Catch up on my Pinterest Pins – I still have about 15 or so articles I need to create pins for, I need to get that up to speed.
  6. Get 1000 page views – I had 300 last month but I’m hoping I can build the momentum from before.
  7. Fix My Links – I realized that most of my “related article” links don’t work. So that’s a task for me, lol.

Feel free to comment or just chat! I’m more than happy to talk about blogging/finance. I’m hoping to get some guest posting opportunities in July. I know some people were hoping that I’d be making more, nope.

I’m in it for the long haul 🙂


First Month Blog Income Report June 2018