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Ah yes, another ‘rare’ blog post where I talk about blogging. Now, even though I haven’t been ‘blogging’ for long, I’ve been in the blogging and marketing space for years. One of the things that I run into is writer’s block. I do have a list of topics I can write about, but sometimes you don’t want to write about a subject. So today I want to talk about how to write a blog post with writer’s block.

Writers Blog Meme Life Is Hard

Memelife is tough

First of all, just because you have “writer’s block” doesn’t mean you don’t have any ‘ideas’ to talk about. It can also be related to the actual writing of an article/piece of content.

So hopefully this post can give you ideas to get your muse back, or at least build up your writing momentum.

Tip #1: Pick The Right Music Playlist

I’m almost positive nearly everyone listens to some sort of music or background noise when they focus on writing or doing work. Not only does music help block out distracting noise, but with the right tunes, you’ll be able to get back into a writing groove and perform much better.

For me, music is a huge influence on how I feel. I tend to have trouble concentrating with:

  • New Age
  • Lower Beats Per Second
  • New music in general (anything on Spotify’s “discover”) often is music that is too calming

Music that tends to improve my performance

  • Any music I “save” – while that is obvious, I still try to find new music when writing but it’s pretty counterintuitive.
  • Acoustic versions of popular songs – a nice mix of authentic music with tunes that are generally easy to listen to.
  • Hip Hop / Rap with a “funk” to it. I don’t’ know why, but heavy off-beats aren’t really distracting and help me focus.
  • Classical – Not particularly my favorite, but it’s been scientifically proven to help increase focus.

What about Rock? Jazz? Alternative? Top 40? Those are up in the air as your tastes vary, so while Linkin Park could be the magic sauce for one person, it could be a major distraction to someone else.

Tip #2: Chance Scenery

Do you work from home? Or do you tend to work in coffee shops? While I do work from home, I still head to a coworking facility nearly every day to do my writing.

The reason being is that if I have other people near me, I’d be less likely to open up Youtube / Twitch and get distracted by people talking. Not to mention if I make the effort to drive to another location to end up watching tv or messing around, I feel like a turd.

It might be that you go to a different coffee shop, or try working in a different room! If you don’t have a coworking facility it might be worth checking it out. Some are pretty affordable (<$100/month).

One of my friends actually goes to a bar and works outside most afternoons.

Tip #3: White Noise, White Noise, White Noise

Sometimes you don’t want to listen to music. But what if you had consistent noise to prevent you from being distracted, regardless of what’s going on?

One of my go-to’s was this combination.

  • Rainymood is perfect for getting a nice stormy noise (I’m doing this right now)
  • On top of Rainymood, I would put on a 10-hour video on youtube (The only 2 I use is a “YES” chant or “You Say Run“).

Yes, it seems ass-backward to put so much dissonance in your head, but when it all comes together it prevents you from being distracted.

Tip #4: Write Something That You REALLY Want to Write About

This happens to me when I have a calendar, but I’m simply not in the mood to write. Often the case it’s not that I don’t want to write, but instead, there is something I want to write about but I’m not doing.

Case and point -> This is my 3rd article of the day. I was going to stop after my second article because I wasn’t in the mood to write beginner articles.

So instead of packing it up, I thought about what I really wanted to write about. I want to talk more about blogging and Since talking about streaming isn’t relevant to this blog, I will talk about blogging as it’s relevant to my site.

So here I am, writing about how I am able to write at this very moment.

Sometimes you have an itch you need to scratch. Following schedules verbatim over extended periods of time can drive someone crazy. Well, at least I would go crazy.

Tip #5: Infuse Personality In Your Posts

I won’t lie, I have trouble writing how-to posts as they are pretty straight-forward and there is little need to get cute. But if you are blogging, show off your personality. If you noticed about 10 posts or so ago, I am throwing in memes because I enjoy them.

Do you enjoy them? Well, it doesn’t matter because I do. It keeps things interesting and it helps flex my ‘comedic’ muscle. It also takes me 2 minutes to caption a photo and it’s nice to have a good laugh once in awhile.

Tip #6: Write Without Thinking

Did you know that this post was made because I didn’t want to write another finance article today? It’s only been about 30 minutes since I started writing and I’m already at 900 words.

The key is to just write out vague ideas and have your brain fill in the gap. Just imagine that you are talking to someone about a subject face to face. It doesn’t have to be too in-depth. But let’s be honest, the more in-depth things are, the harder it is to follow unless you really pay attention.

What Are Your Tips To Get Over Writers Block While Blogging?

I wrote 6 that work for me. What about you? I’m sure you have tricks up your sleeve.


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