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Today, I want to help you learn how to start a blog on Bluehost in 10 minutes cheaply and how to create your blog using WordPress.<

Starting a blog for the first time can be scary and while most people want to create a blog for free, I often advise against that. 99% of the time ‘free blogs’ don’t allow you to advertise or they don’t provide you with the tools to succeed and grow long-term.¬†Luckily, you can get started on your own money making a blog affordably!

The best part is, you can get started in less than 10 minutes!

Get your first blog up and running by clicking here, then follow this step-by-step guide to get started. I’ve already talked with Bluehost and they are allowing me to help bloggers start with a discounted rate.

Why should you avoid FREE Blogging Platforms

This should be its own blog post but here is the gist of it.

#1. LIMITED CUSTOMIZATION¬†– Most of the time you only have a few themes you can choose from and if you want to change a color or move something around, you aren’t able to. This will leave you to settle on a blog that doesn’t match your vision

#2.¬†FREE SITES LOOK TERRIBLE –¬†Sorry, but that’s the truth. I can probably think of 3 sites that are probably ‘free’ that is successful. And they are successful because the owner of the blog is famous.

#3.¬†IF YOU USE SOMETHING FOR FREE, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT – Most of the time, if you use something for free, your data is being collected and you are at the mercy of your site owner. So if or Blogger decides they don’t like your content,¬†poof, your blog is now gone. Don’t leave it to chance.

#4. VERY TOUGH TO MAKE MONEY – If you just want a private blog to show to your friends, then take the free option. But a majority of us want to show our content to the world and want to make money, free sites limit your ability to have ads or add affiliate links.

Why Choose Bluehost For Your WordPress blog?

You don’t need to spend $99, $49, or even $29 a month to get your blog off the ground. But finding good, cheap hosting can set you up for success when you are first getting started. One of the top choices for¬†any that are looking to start a blog on the cheap is Bluehost.¬†

I have used Bluehost in the past for my other blogs and have thoroughly impressed with the quality of hosting you get for the price.

My favorite reason is that you can start a blog started for under $10 if you play your cards right. So the buy-in is pretty cheap. Although I do recommend that you get a package deal as you get lots of freebies (usually about $70 total)

Anyone can start a blog, Bluehost if the most value-driven option and you can start your blog for less than $4 a month. Bonus: If you sign up through my link, you will also get a free domain included when you purchase a year-long plan. Saving you money right out of the gate!

Other reasons include:

  • It’s super easy to do. Heck, once you sign up for Bluehost allows anyone and everyone with no technical experience to create a blog in just a few clicks.¬†
  • Bluehost provides top-tier web support that is available 24/7. They also have technical support to in case you get lost.
  • I think Bluehost is the most ‘bang for your buck’ worthy web hosting provider. I’ve used them in the past and have no complaints (unlike other hosts that turned to poop over time).
  • You get WordPress and your domain is fFree! I love cheap things that are good, they bring the best bang for your buck.
  • It will be¬†your site that you own and you can do what you want for it, no limitations at all.
  • 30-day money back guarantee, so you can test it out and see if they are the right host for you!

Why You Should Avoid / Wix / Squarespace / Blogger / Blogspot

You might be thinking, ‘Wait, isn’t on WordPress? And it’s free, why not choose them?’¬†Well, the problem with is that while it’s free, you don’t have access to powerful plugins that and your functionality will be limited compared to a self-hosted WordPress solution.

In addition, does not allow you to run ads unless you pay for hosting. Plus,¬†it’s a lot easier to build your blog when it’s www.[yoursitename].com compared to www.[yoursitename] Simply put,¬†if you want your blog to stand out, you are hurting yourself by taking the ‘free’ route.

As for Wix, I personally hate using Wix and while it can be used to make our site look pretty, it’s not a short or long-term solution for blogging.

Squarespace & Blogger also has issues when it comes to being SEO friendly and having limited functionality. While these other options are easier to set up right away, they are much harder to make your blog successful.

Step 1: Select a Domain Name & Registrar

Estimated Time: 2 Minutes
Estimated Cost: $0.48 to $10

Now, if you don’t know what to pick for your domain name, then this will take a longer time. But assuming you have the name of your blog, you will want to register your domain name.

Essentially, your host (Bluehost) allows your site to be shown on the web. But you need to claim your domain. That’s where a Registrar comes into play.

Assuming you are using the Bluehost year-long plan, you are able to pick and register your domain for free! Now, if you want to separate your registrar and your host (in case you want to move hosting later for whatever reason), I 100% recommend using Namecheap.

For now, I’ll explain how to register and connect your domain name to Bluehost.

Register Domain Name Via Bluehost

If you go with the Bluehost plan, you can register your domain right away!

How to start a blog

When you select your plan, you can enter your desired domain here. Once you pick your domain, select “next”. And that’s it! You’ll be able to finish your billing info and your domain settings will automatically be connected to hosting.

Alternatively, if you want to see if your domain name is available, simply enter your domain URL below and check its availability.

Assuming you used Namecheap or Godaddy to buy your domain name. You’ll have to insert your domain name on the right column. They will provide you an easy step-by-step process to connect your domain name to Bluehost.

Register Domain Name Via Namecheap

If you are wondering why I am not really talking about GoDaddy, that is because they have been known to buy domains that you search for. I’m not a big fan of that and it’s pretty slimy. Not to mention they nickel and dime you if you ever want to use hosting.

I love Namecheap because they often run great sales/promotions and they don’t buy domains that you search for. You can get a great domain for less than a dollar! Most cases though you’ll be able to buy a domain for less than $10 and you get¬†free domain privacy. This means that when you buy your domain, no one will be able to know that you own the website publicly.

To get started, you can either click this link or check to see if your domain is available below.

Find a domain starting at $0.48

powered by Namecheap

From there you can select your domain name and add it to your cart! Check out the gif below for a live example.

Use Namecheap Domain Names

That’s it! You now will own your domain name. When you register with Bluehost, you enter your domain name and you will then be prompted to follow the steps to connect your domain name with your host!

Step 2: Pick A Hosting Provider (Bluehost)

Estimated Time: 3 Minutes
Cost: $4-$8 (or $70 for the year)

As mentioned above, I strongly recommend Bluehost. When you click the link you’ll have the option to get started right away!

Step 1 Getting Bluehost - Home Screen

Press “get started now” and you’ll have the option to pick your plan.¬†When you land on the plan page, you’ll have 3 options to select the ideal plan for you. I¬†always recommend the cheapest plan when starting out. You can change plans if you require more needs, but chances are you will want to get your feet wet before taking the plunge.


Basic Cheap Plan For Bluehost

Select the basic plan

Once you select the basic plan, you can skip the domain name option (for now) and can add that later (see step 2). Once that is complete, fill out your billing information then you can choose your package. The $3.95 option is available if you choose the 36-month option (maximum long-term savings), but if you are getting started, select the 12-month price.

Select Plan Option Bluehost

Select these options for the most affordable solution.

That’s all you need to do for now. SECRET BONUS:¬† Yes, it will be about $70 if you decide to go for the year. You can also go back and select to pay for the month by month option¬†$7. But, if you take your time on the billing page, you’ll likely receive a popup that will¬†give you the option to get any plan for $2.95/month.

This won’t happen in all cases, but if you are lucky you can select that option and only end up paying $35 for the year, or $70 for two years.¬†

I love paying for the year ahead of time, and since you get a free domain name when you buy for the year, you save big time.

Once you fill out billing info, you will get your own login information and you can then complete setting up WordPress!

NOTE: If you have any troubles, head over to the contact page and reach out to me personally. I will assist and point you int he right direction.

Step 3: Connect Your Domain To Your Bluehost

Estimated Time: 4 Minutes

As mentioned earlier, if you got your domain via Bluehost, you can skip this step completely. But if you are using Namecheap or another host, then this will apply to you.

If you bought your domain through Namecheap, you still need to connect your domain to Bluehost. Don’t worry, while this might seem super technical, it’s quite simple. Just follow these steps.

Open up your Namecheap account and you’ll see your domains. Select “Manage”

Namecheap Manage Domain Step

Then, find where you see nameservers and enter the following:

Connect Namecheap to Bluehost

Super easy copy the gif!

Be sure to press the checkmark to save your settings (as shown above)

Technically, if you did this before registering with Bluehost, you can add your domain information when you register. If you decide to do it after you get hosting, then do the following:

  1. Log in to your Bluehost cPanel account and click domains at the top.
  2. Click Assign a domain to your cPanel account in the shortcut box
  3. Enter your domain name without the www at the front, such as
  4. Since you already connected Namecheap to Bluehost, you can skip the step where it tells you to add the nameservers.
  5. After that, Bluehost will say that your domain is verified! At this point, you can select the directory name but let Bluehost auto-populate everything!

That’s all! You‚Äôll find a new directory for your new domain in the public_html directory of your¬†Bluehost account. This is the root directory of your website.

Step 4: Install WordPress On Bluehost

Estimated Time: 1 Minute

Bluehost Install WordPress Step 1

Press “Install WordPress” and that’s it!

While this might seem to be the most daunting step, it’s actually the¬†easiest and fastest step. Don’t believe me? Well, if you have Bluehost, log in and you’ll see the ‘install WordPress button’.

  • Click that button and Bluehost will ask you a few questions about your login formation
  • You might be prompted to pick a theme, but outside of that, click install
  • That’s it! Bluehost will install WordPress and send an email with your login info.

I recommend that you pick a basic theme to start out with.

Don’t Think, Just Start (Seriously)

If you have been on the ropes on starting your blog but haven’t gotten around to doing it, why not? You can start your blog in 10 minutes for pretty cheap by following my steps!

“What about making my blog looking great?”.¬†Look, this is a guide to¬†create a blog. The biggest hurdle most people have is that¬†they are afraid to take the first step.

They often overthink and worry about ‘how do I get traffic?”, “how should it look?”, or “what colors are the best?” that they never actually start the blog!

Take the dive and install WordPress. Once you install WordPress, you can start writing! Worry about the other stuff later on. You will need to get comfortable with writing instead of getting overwhelmed.

Of course, I’m speaking from experience. I simply installed WordPress and began writing what I wanted to and never worried about marketing or design until I had 10 article written. As a matter of fact, keep an eye out for my ‘best of Q&A” related to blogging.

NOTE:¬†If you think you cannot afford to have a blog, I recommend that you save enough money to get started.¬†You should take a look at my $1000/month survey article and follow my strategy to get some initial funds, it might take a couple weeks but you’ll be good to go in no time!

Other Blogging Resources

Even though this is a personal finance blog, I also want to inspire others to start blogging so I also walk-through my blogging journey. Save months of frustration and learn from my mistakes. Here are some good blogging articles that might be of use to you.

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