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How To Keep Track & Budget For Balance Transfers

If there is one thing I take seriously, it’s student loans. Today I want to talk specifically for those that are going to take the plunge of balance transferring student loans (and other loans) onto credit cards. I primarily want to... Read More

Balance Transfer Student Loans to Credit Cards [The Smart Way]

If you are someone who has been reading my blog from the very beginning, you might have realized that I love bone-picking. Aside from payday loans (public enemy #1), having student loans is the bane of my existence. It’s so... Read More

How I Paid off $47,668 in Student Loans In 21 Months (Updated)

I grew up pretty damn poor and have spent all of my adult life in debt. I wish I could say that paid off more in my student loans over a shorter time period, but honestly, it’s easier said than done. ... Read More