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Getting Familiar With Your First Credit Card

As part of my Beginner Financial Guide Series (I’m working on the name), getting your first credit card is the quintessential step to building your credit score. While I think I did a fairly solid job in explaining how your... Read More

Getting Your First Credit Card As A Student

There are many things in life that are unfair between the ages of 18-21. No booze, no gambling, no bar entry. I know we are all upstanding citizens and we would never partake in those activities as a minor. What’s... Read More

The Ultimate Paid Survey Guide: Make $1000 Month Completing Surveys

My goal is to find the holy grail of making money in your underwear. I’m not talking about “eat out nice once a month” money. I’m talking about raking in 4-figures/month money. You heard me, this is my guide to bring in $1,000 per... Read More

How To Keep Track & Budget For Balance Transfers

If there is one thing I take seriously, it’s student loans. Today I want to talk specifically for those that are going to take the plunge of balance transferring student loans (and other loans) onto credit cards. I primarily want to... Read More

The Ultimate Class Action Settlement Guide: Step-By-Step Tips

Chances are you have been involved in a class action settlement and not even realize it. Class action settlements happen all the time and you are probably missing out on hundreds of dollars or more per year! I touched upon class action... Read More

Increase Your Salary in 6 Hours: Resume Tips & Tricks

As a millennial, it’s becoming more accepted that job-hopping is a common tactic to increase your salary. For starters–yes, I have done that during my years of employment. Now, despite how red-hot the US economy is right now, I know... Read More

Balance Transfer Student Loans to Credit Cards [The Smart Way]

If you are someone who has been reading my blog from the very beginning, you might have realized that I love bone-picking. Aside from payday loans (public enemy #1), having student loans is the bane of my existence. It’s so... Read More