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Credit Cards With A Purpose – A List of My Cards

If it’s not obvious by now, I am a big fan of using credit cards to my advantage. It’s one thing to use credit cards for the perks, it’s another thing to properly use them. Today I want to talk about the credit... Read More

Getting Familiar With Your First Credit Card

As part of my Beginner Financial Guide Series (I’m working on the name), getting your first credit card is the quintessential step to building your credit score. While I think I did a fairly solid job in explaining how your... Read More

Getting Your First Credit Card As A Student

There are many things in life that are unfair between the ages of 18-21. No booze, no gambling, no bar entry. I know we are all upstanding citizens and we would never partake in those activities as a minor. What’s... Read More

Take Advantage of These 10 Secret Credit Card Perks and Save Thousands

I wanted to follow up on a previous blog post that talks about credit cards. While I primarily like to keep a psychological approach to finance and credit cards, I’ve only scratched the surface of the benefits of using them. Regardless... Read More

Automatic vs Manual Credit Card Payments, Which is Better?

Should you set up automatic or manual credit card payments? Are their pros and cons for one vs. the other? Which one is better overall? I run into these questions fairly frequently and despite me sounding cliche, the answer is, ‘it... Read More

5 Reasons Why Credit Cards Have (Wrongfrully) Bad Reputation

There are two methodologies regarding credit cards. One is, “Credit cards are bad and you should never get them”. While compared to, “Credit cards are great if they are used correctly“. At age 18, I got my first credit card.... Read More