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Increase Your Salary in 6 Hours: Resume Tips & Tricks

As a millennial, it’s becoming more accepted that job-hopping is a common tactic to increase your salary. For starters–yes, I have done that during my years of employment. Now, despite how red-hot the US economy is right now, I know... Read More

Save Thousands Of Dollars by Taking Advantage of These Nifty Job Perks

While I do work as a contractor (with the dream of being a full-time content creator), I’ve worked a lot of jobs in my career. When starting out in my professional career, I had to set up a set of... Read More

5 Overlooked Interviewing Tips That Will Get You Employed (I Hope)

People are people at the end of the day. We all want what’s best for us and for the people we care about around us. This also translates to companies that want to hire the best people for the job.... Read More