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44 Free & Frugal Things To Do This Fall 2018

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. I’m no longer sweating my ass off outside and the weather is perfect for me to go outside for a run. Fall also means that the holidays are coming up... Read More

The Ultimate Personal Finance Checklist

Looking for some sort of path or direction to get your finances in order? Or are you simply unsure of where to even begin on your financial journey? For most of us, having uncertainty can be stressful and uneasy. I... Read More

How To Create A Budget Living Paycheck To Paycheck

As much as I love memeing and adding a personal twist to my “how-to” articles. Budgeting is one subject where it’s pretty serious. Over one-third of American household are living paycheck-to-paycheck. One hiccup, one ’emergency’ and you are living in... Read More

6 Tips To Budget As A Couple Without Domestic Violence (drop the Busch)

There are plenty of resources related to creating a budget as a couple, use them (or wait six months before I create my own, your choice). Today, I want to talk about the art to budget as a couple.  Anyone can copy/paste... Read More

How To Keep Track & Budget For Balance Transfers

If there is one thing I take seriously, it’s student loans. Today I want to talk specifically for those that are going to take the plunge of balance transferring student loans (and other loans) onto credit cards. I primarily want to... Read More