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For those who aren’t aware, companies are willing to pay money to hear your opinion on just about anything. There are plenty of sites that pay you to fill out a survey. Most paid survey sites are either poor quality and are available for 18+. There really isn’t a good up-to-date list of paid teen survey sites for teenagers 13 & up.

I’ve compiled the list of the best survey sites that allow teenagers 13 and over to sign up. If you are 18+ (end of high school or college student), these surveys are also applicable and a good way to make some side cash. I would’ve killed to have these sites around when I was a teenager! Seriously, was I the only one that mailed in “one dollar” to someone else in hopes I’d be a millionaire (okay I was 11 and a young, naive fool).

Focusing on the top tier survey sites for a couple of hours every other day or so (while watching TV or commuting on the bus) you’ll likely be able to make a couple of hundred dollars monthly without much effort. I’ve separated all teen-friendly survey sites into two main buckets.

Top Tier 👌👌👌

  1. Survey Junkie – Min Age: 13 👈
  2. E-Poll – Min Age: 13 👈
  3. Harris Poll Online – Min Age: 13 👈
  4. Global Test Market – Min Age: 14
  5. MySurvey/LifePoints – Min Age: 16 👈

Mid Tier 👌

  1. Survey Rewardz – Min Age: 13
  2. The Panel Station – Min Age: 15
  3. Survey Squad – Min Age: 14
  4. Panel Polls – – Min Age: 6

Top tier survey sites are just that, they are ideal for teens and young adults to get paid for taking surveys. They have strong reputations and have been around for many years. The mid-tier survey sites are still okay, but if you have a lot of time on your hands, then you can focus add them as well.

Remember: Because some of these survey sites are focused on teens, you might be opted out of some potential surveys. On the flipside, you could also be included in surveys simply because you are a teenager.

Online Paid Survey Sites For Teenagers

Before I dive in, I want to be clear, most of these sites are solid on their own. If you are 18 and over you can take a look at other top survey sites that are worth your while. As for those under 18, these sites are still upper tier and worth signing up for.

#1 Survey Junkie

Minimum Age: 13 Years Old

What I really love about Survey Junkie is that as long as you are at least 13 years old, you can make some nice money on the side as a teenager filling out surveys. They offer a great user experience and they are very open that your voice matters. You get paid between $5-$50+ per survey if you qualify. There are more than enough surveys that teens and young adults to take advantage of. This is my favorite survey site to watch while watching TV or when on the toilet.

Survey Junkie paid survey for teens for cash

Get Paid Straight To PayPal

Not to overhype Survey Junkie, but they are also known as the premier online survey site, period. From its sleek looks and intuitive interface, they make taking surveys funSurvey Junkie is simple. Remember, you need to confirm your account to get paid!

Click here to get started with Survey Junkie and get started!

#2 E-Poll

Minimum Age: 13 Years Old

Over the last few months, E-Poll has made major strides in improving their experience to make their survey experience teen-friendly. Click here to sign up and get 100 points when you fill out your profile. With a new ‘express yourself’ design, they want to make it appealing for teens to get paid for their opinion.

epoll survey teenager survey site

They make payout super simple by cashing out via gift cards or PayPal. You usually need about 3,000 points to start cashing out, but since most surveys are around 500-1000 points, you can make some quick cash. They also give away $20 each month to 50 E-Poll participates which is nothing to sneeze at.

Sign Up For E-Poll Today & get 100 points

#3 Harris Poll Online

Minimum Age: 13 Years Old

What I like about Harris Poll Online (HPOL) is that while it isn’t the sexiest survey site, they are the oldest survey site in the sense that they have been focusing on Market Research since the 1950’s (before the internet). With a minimum age of 13 years old, this is perfect for teens that aren’t old enough for a job but want some extra rewards.

Harris Poll teen friendly survey site for money

What’s unique about Harris Poll is that they focus on more public surveys as well as corporations, non-profits, and the government. So whenever you hear new online that says “based on a study of X people…”, yup, that’s where it comes from. So it’s pretty legit.

Now, they don’t offer PayPal payments but getting Amazon or iTunes gift cards offers good value. There might be a few new surveys each month, but IMO they seem to be more authoritative compared to other survey sites and they claim to have the highest paying surveys.

To sign up for Harris Poll Online, click here, then simply fill out your info and confirm your email address. Remember, you can’t get paid unless you confirm your email.

#4 Global Test Market

Minimum Age: 14 Years Old

First of all, yes, I know this site looks like doo-doo. But that being said, this survey site allows anyone 14 years or older to participate.  Again, while aren’t the prettiest site, they have paid out over $30 million to their userbase. What I like about this site is that they provide a wider spectrum of paid surveys that goes beyond the United States.

Global Test survey site paid teen surveys

Getting started is super easy, all you need to do is fill out the form and confirm your email to start making money. Most surveys you partake in don’t take too long to fill out and can be done on any device. While the pay is often a couple dollars at a time, this is a great way to make some extra cash on the side watching tv or during downtime.

Sign up for Global Test Market and confirm your email so you can get paid as a teenage survey taker. Bonus: By participating in these teen surveys you will be entered into daily and monthly cash drawings. You aren’t likely to win them, but any chance for free cash is A-OK in my book.

#5 MySurvey/LifePoints

Minimum Age: 16 Years Old

NOTE: MySurvey is now LifePoints
This should probably be #3 on my list of teen survey sites, but you have to be at least 16 years old to sign up for LifePoints so that does prevent some younger teens from joining. LifePoints has been around since 2001 and has been conducting market research since the 1940’s.

Lifepoints teen survey site paid

This means that you will are able to influence future products and services by volunteering to participate in consumer research. From online surveys and product testing. My Survey members are able to share opinions while getting awarded. You get paid in the form of gift cards or PayPal Cash.

To sign up for LifePoint, you fill out the form or use your facebook page. Once you sign up you will need to confirm your email to get paid.

Mid-Tier Paid Survey Sites For Teens

The previous 5 survey sites for teenagers that I’ve mentioned have a strong reputation for providing surveys that pay well with millions of dollars rewarded to participants.

As for this mid-tier paid survey sites for teens, I’m including them because they have been around for years but aren’t as prestigious as the other 5. Not to mention if you are a teen and really don’t want to work or have run out of surveys, then these are good alternatives. There aren’t many other survey sites that allow teenagers outside of these.

#6 Survey Rewardz

Minimum Age: 13 Years Old

While there are better ‘paid survey’ sites out there (for those 18+), Survey Rewardz is a survey site that teens can get involved with low cashouts. One of the biggest pluses is that they offer payment via Paypal and can offer cashouts with as little as $1 (although I like to keep my cashouts in $5 increments).

I would put this site on the “average” side but like I mentioned, the small cash payouts are nice which makes taking surveys more rewarding. Most surveys are about $0.5-$3 and take between 5-20 minutes to complete. Similar to top survey sites, you can always use Survey Rewardz while you are watching TV or videos on your phone.

While you won’t make a living off of this site, this is a nice way to make some extra money on the side as a teen. Combined with other top sites, it adds up fast. Click here to sign up for Survey Rewardz.

#7 The Panel Station

Minimum Age: 15 Years Old

The Panel Station is an off-beat paid survey site that people use across dozens of countries. Similar to other paid survey sites Panel Station enables you to share your views and influence decision makers across industries. The minimum age is 15 years old to join. I’ll admit that there are better survey sites out there, but with limited options for teens, this paid survey site could be ideal for a few.

Click here to sign up with The Panel Station

#8 Survey Squad

Minimum Age: 13 Years Old

Survey Squad used to be called “Focus Foward”. They have a mix of online surveys and focus groups from a variety of industries.

Membership starts strictly from 13 years old up. You get points for filling out surveys which can be redeemed for cash (1000 points = $1.00). Click here to sign up for the Survey Squad

#9 Panel Polls

Minimum Age: 6 Years Old (with parent’s consent…obviously)

Obviously, I’m not advocating elementary school kids to sign up and make money. But Panel Polls is more fitted towards parents what don’t mind voicing their opinion for their families. Because of that, anyone ages 6 and up can get involved. Though I’ll admit that the site is pretty corny by stating they are “the cool opinion site”, but just about anyone can join.

Click here to join Panel Polls

Teen Surveys Sites Vs. Getting A Job

As we enter the spring/summer, school will be off soon which means that most teens start making the decision to get a job. In my opinion, getting a job not only helps build a strong work ethic, but it also pays more compared to filling out surveys after school hours.

That said, if you aren’t someone that is looking for a job and simply wants to make a couple of hundred extra bucks each month without too much trouble, then you can certainly make it possible.

I know some teenagers between the ages of 13-16 are eager to find a job, but with schooling and limited employment options, taking surveys is a good replacement compared to working a job.

How Much Can You Make On Paid Survey Sites For Teens?

Each survey site varies with the number of surveys available at any given time. Some of the top sites have surveys available daily and you can get notified by mail, while others you have to log on manually and check daily.

Assuming that you spend about 3 hours a week filling out surveys, you can probably average about an extra $100/month on these sites. I will say, the more time you put in, the more money you get. Usually, depending on your demographic the number of surveys available will vary so they won’t be unlimited.

If you want to be hardcore and fill out every survey that you qualify for, seeing $100-$250/month is reasonable for not much effort.

Again, this is for teens. It’s very possible to make more than that the older you are.

What If You Are 18 Years Old or Older?

There are other top survey sites out there that exist but require users to be 18 years old. Generally, these sites have more available surveys with higher payouts. This is because most market researchers want to focus on demographics that have money to spend. If you are 18 or older, check out these top survey sites.

Can You Make a Living Filling Out Surveys as a Teenager?

I’m pretty skeptical of people ‘making’ thousands of dollars each month on just paid surveys, but don’t plan on getting rich by filling out surveys for a living. Back in my day (yeah yeah, I’m old) I would have shat myself to make an extra couple hundred dollars each month. But the internet was young back then and I had no knowledge of what was out there. In this day and age, not everyone is out to scam you and the only person that is stopping you is…you.


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