About Me & My Blog

If you happen to stumble upon Debt To Dough, hello! I set out a goal to create a personal finance blog about the lifting yourself out of poverty, dealing with finance under poverty, getting out of debt, saving money, making money (side-jobs and career) and building long-term wealth.

Some of the articles & methods I will discuss will err on the side of unorthodox and will go against conventional wisdom. However, a majority of the financial topics I discuss is focused on having the right mindset and step-by-step guides that require effort.

For over 13+ years I’ve had a massive chip on my shoulder that I couldn’t shake off. That chip was in the form of a nearly a $100K student loan debt. Throughout this timeframe, I went from no knowledge regarding finance to getting semi-savvy. At the time I created this blog (May 2018), I have knocked down my debt to a bit over $25,000, with the majority of it being paid off in the last 18 months.

This blog will be a brain dump of articles about how to pay off your debt, how to hack your way out of poverty, walk you through the process of getting out of debt, set realistic expectations on your journey, and to help make you extra money so you are no longer living paycheck to paycheck.

I won’t talk about IRA’s or 401Ks as it makes zero sense as my content targeted to the lower and middle class. Especially since we all live in something called “the real world” where not everything works out as planned. But one day I might get to that.

What’s A Dirty Basement Kid

You’ve probably poked around the blog and you probably have asked yourself, “what is a dirty basement kid?”.

The term originated from my favorite twitch streamer “Jason Somerville” who is a poker player/personality. He often refers to himself and his stream as ‘dirty basement kids’. To me, it means that in poker, it’s always a grind to make more money and make a living. And just like a number of poker players, most of them had humble beginnings.

Translating that outside of poker, I often use that phrase for people who didn’t grow up with a silver spoon. The people who haven’t always had an easy life and grow up poor or less fortunate. They are the dreamers of one day moving up out of the world and enjoy life without any restrictions.

Unfortunately, the reality is that the biggest restriction in life (to me) is money. So if you have ever dealt any financial strain and been singled out due to lack of income, chances are you are a dirty basement kid like me.

Debt to Dough is a personal finance blog for all of the dirty basement kids out there that are looking to climb out of a poor financial situation and onto a better life. I might be doing okay now, but that doesn’t mean I forgot my roots.

Getting Started

Not sure where to start? Here are my recommended articles to get the ball rolling. I will be including additional sections as I create more content that will provide a thorough walkthrough.

Feel free to browse the site, use the search and find topics related to your needs. Content will be updated several times a week. Got a question? Feel free to contact me!

-Joseph R.