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IMO, in this economy, there are so many ways to make extra money. Whether it’s starting a blog, filling out surveys, or getting involved in many side hustles, everyone has their own preference. Today, I want to talk about the 4 ways to make $50 per hour or more.

“WHAT? $50 per hour? Get the hell outta here!” you are probably saying out loud¬†because that sounds ridiculous. First of all, yes, it does sound ridiculous, but it’s true.¬†I’ll spare you the skepticism and answer the¬†question, “what’s the catch?“.

The catch is that these methods aren’t sustainable full-time. This means that you won’t be able to work 40/hours a week doing these methods. That said, I’m all about the time value of money.¬† If you can spare an extra 5-10+ hours a month, you will be making $50+ per hour.

NOTE: Believe it or not, there will be no affiliate links or that stuff. While I do use them in some articles, there is no catch. My goal is to help put money in your pockets and to get you out of debt. Although if you want, you can see all the ways I paid off over $40K in student loans in 18 months.

I want to give you the best ways to make the most money in the least amount of time. Not only do I do these methods, these can be done very fast.

Let’s begin.

Method #1 –¬† Class Action Settlements

You might have been familiar with the idea of class action settlements (think of the “red bull gives you wings” settlement). The whole idea of class action settlements is that usually a¬†company is accused of something illegal or non-ethical, so instead of getting sued for tens of millions of dollars (or more), they¬†settle in court.

The cool thing about this is that when they settle in court. It is done on behalf of everyone affected by the company.

This happens all the time, and there are even websites that tell you which settlements you qualify for.¬†Some settlements don’t require proof!

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Now, I will need to say that you shouldn’t lie when filling out the settlements. But if you do, don’t point the blame on me. That said, if a settlement ‘happens’ to have no proof, that means you can fill out the forms much faster.

How To Get Started

There are two main sites I use:

Class Action Settlement Money Example

Class Action Settlement Money Example

See above. As of this post, there are two valid class action lawsuits that most of us probably were affected by. 

If you bought an HDMI Monster cable at Best Buy, that’s an¬†easy¬†$35 per cable. And you don’t need proof. Considering I’ve bought an HDMI cable from them in the past, I know I have qualified. On the flipside, if you got a robocall from Chase, you qualify for extra cash. All you need to do is check your phone number if you qualify.

Go across the sites and fill out the most relevant info. I will cover a more in-depth strategy at a later point to maximize money. Now, you won’t get money right away, it¬†takes 2-12 months for you to see it. But still, an hour of your time could net you $50-$200!

Frequency: Twice a month
Time: 1 hour on average
Money made: $50-$200 per hour
Payout: Checks or gift cards -> 2-16 months

Method #2 – Donate Plasma

This is also a pretty damn good method to making fast cash. Not only do you get paid right-away. But the best part? You also will be saving lives!

You can go to many plasma donation centers twice a week to donate your blood plasma. To find the nearest donation center just Google, “donate blood [city name]“.

Donate Blood Locations

Simple Google Search for nearby blood locations

It’s for a great cause and on average they pay out about $40-$60 per donation.

In addition, if you decide to do it twice every week, you get a cool $400 extra ($50 two times a week). Hell, my unemployment didn’t pay me that when I was on it nearly a decade ago.

Frequency: Twice a week
Time: 1 hour on average
Money made: $40-$60 per hour
Payout: Cash money -> Instant

Method #3 – Become A User Tester is a phenomenal way to make money testing websites and apps and following tasks. I used to work in the tech space and one of the big things that startups and other tech companies want is to make sure people use their apps they way they want you to.

Get money to speak your mind.

Get $10 per test. Simply speak your mind.

As opposed to shooting from the hip, these companies are willing¬†to pay you to tell them how you use their website/app. I have a strong analytics background, but even looking at numbers and data doesn’t give¬†human feedback. That’s why these programs exist.

Each test takes 10-20 minutes so your per hour can vary between $30-$60 (since this is nifty, I’m including it here and there is nothing you can do about it :P).

Sign up is super easy, as long as you have a working microphone and a smartphone, you are good to go to! You will be doing tests for wide variety companies all big and small.

Frequency: Tests are posted daily.
Time: 10-20 minutes per test, varies.
Money made: $30-$60 per hour
Payout: Paypal -> Payments are made daily for jobs completed seven days earlier.

Method #4 – Flex Your Expertise on Clarity.FM

Some of you have developed a skillset that is needed for entrepreneurs, startups, and executives alike. The problem is that it’s tough connecting the right talent to the right people. Clarity shortens that gap.

Clarity Experts Make Money to Consult

You fill out a profile and¬†set up your own rates. IMO, if you do are damn good at what you do, I suggest you go for over $50+ per hour. While this method isn’t for everyone, you can still put up a profile in your specialty field.

While this is more tech related, there are hundreds of topics where you can make extra money.

Since these are mainly done via the phone, you will get paid based on the actual length of the call. This might not be for everyone, but if you are starting out you should have a lower rate.

Frequency: Varies -> Based on expertise
Time: 10-60 minutes per call, varies
Money made: $25-$200 per hour (pending your rate)
Payout: Paypal -> You will need to request payment

Effective Side-Hustling

I’m a big fan of finding the¬†best money making methods that provide the most value. So if you know of any other methods that effectively make you $50+ an hour, let me know.

I know there are many other great ways to create side income from home and they are all perfectly valid. But just like poker, finding the best ways to make the most money is probably a priority.


How to Make $50 Per Hour