Monthly Archives: August 2018

50 Lessons Learned After 500+ Hours of Blogging

It seemed like it was just yesterday when created my first blog post. But since then I’ve written well over 60+ articles regarding finance, saving money, career & side hustles. While I think I have a ways to go, I’ve... Read More

Nielsen Mobile App Review: Is It Legit Or A Scam? Do You Really Get $50 To Download The App?

If there is one thing that I love, it’s free money! Today I want to talk about Nielsen Mobile Panel App and hopefully answer any potential questions you might have. What I love about Niesen Mobile Panel is that you... Read More

Best Survey Sites For Teens 13+ To Make Money

For those who aren’t aware, companies are willing to pay money to hear your opinion on just about anything. There are plenty of sites that pay you to fill out a survey. Most paid survey sites are either poor quality... Read More

What to Do If The IRS Overpays Your Refund? Can You Keep It?

Normally I don’t like talking about taxes mainly because I have a good friend that does it for me. Not to mention I don’t think I’m 100% qualified to talk about saving the most money on your taxes. But sometimes, life... Read More

How To Start A Blog On Bluehost In 10 Minutes For Cheap

Today, I want to help you learn how to start a blog on Bluehost in 10 minutes cheaply and how to create your blog using WordPress.< Starting a blog for the first time can be scary and while most people... Read More

July 2018 Blog Income Report – How I Made $220.04 Blogging In Month Two

This month has been a complete blur. If you have been paying attention to this blog you’ll see that I haven’t been writing as much (more on that later) but the good news is that my blog if profitable (for now). ... Read More