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How To Create A Budget Living Paycheck To Paycheck

As much as I love memeing and adding a personal twist to my “how-to” articles. Budgeting is one subject where it’s pretty serious. Over one-third of American household are living paycheck-to-paycheck. One hiccup, one ’emergency’ and you are living in... Read More

Can You Join A Credit Union With Very Bad Credit?

As part of my beginner finance series (that has yet to be named), I want to cover ALL bases for setting up a foundation of basic financial knowledge. While I did talk about setting up your first bank account, I’m sure there... Read More

60+ Financial Signs You Are Moving Up In The World

I love to talk about cutting debt, making money via side hustles, saving money and all things in between. But sometimes I find myself getting caught up in the grind of climbing out of debt that I neglect to take... Read More

Is “Cash In Full” Fools Gold For Car Purchases?

I was speaking with a friend the other day and discussed the idea of “not owing anyone money”. In theory, yes it would be great to owe no one money and have zero debt. As someone with student loans, I would... Read More

Getting Familiar With Your First Credit Card

As part of my Beginner Financial Guide Series (I’m working on the name), getting your first credit card is the quintessential step to building your credit score. While I think I did a fairly solid job in explaining how your... Read More

Getting Your First Credit Card As A Student

There are many things in life that are unfair between the ages of 18-21. No booze, no gambling, no bar entry. I know we are all upstanding citizens and we would never partake in those activities as a minor. What’s... Read More

6 Tips To Budget As A Couple Without Domestic Violence (drop the Busch)

There are plenty of resources related to creating a budget as a couple, use them (or wait six months before I create my own, your choice). Today, I want to talk about the art to budget as a couple.  Anyone can copy/paste... Read More